Sandy McCarthy to Speak at Snider Hockey Symposium

On Friday, Feb. 24 (4 p.m. ET) in observance of Black History Month, student-athletes from Ed Snider Youth Hockey & Education will attend panel discussion at the Wells Fargo Center.

Flyers Alum Sandy McCarthy, who is currently living and coaching hockey in Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT), will return to Philadelphia to be a featured speaker at the Snider Hockey panel symposium.

Also appearing: Jeff Scott (VP of community development and growth, National Hockey League) Everett Jackson, Flyers in-arena host at the Wells Fargo Center), Lyric Hamilton (events director, Philadelphia Flyers & Wells Fargo Center). Brandon Graham, a member of the Snider Hockey board and a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, will be a special guest. Bridgett Wilkerson, Snider’s community outreach manager, will moderate the panel.

Immediately following the panel, the Snider student-athletes will remain for the Flyers vs. Montreal Canadiens game as guests of the Flyers.

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