Flyers Warriors Partner with Array

On May 18, 2021, the Flyers Warriors announced that they have formed a partnership with Array Behavioral Care. Array will provide the Flyers Warriors players — all of whom are U.S. military veterans with VA-certified disabilities — with online mental and behavioral healthcare services. These services will supplement what is available via Veterans Administration benefits.

This is an extremely promising development. When many people think of “disabled veterans”, it is usually physical disabilities that come to mind. Too often, though, it the mental and behavioral health of veterans that go unrecognized by the public and far to often go untreated or undertreated (sometimes with catastrophic consequences). We call our active-duty and veterans heroes and thank them for their service. We see some of the physical disabilities. However, too many people in society are either unaware of or unsympathetic to the invisible scars that so many veterans bear.

Many of the 60-plus Flyers Warriors players have one or more physical disabilities of varying degrees of severity, It is also very very common for them to deal with issues of post-traumatic stress disorder, anger management difficulties, moderate to severe depression and other mental and/or behavioral health issues that affect their quality of life, can be severely damaging to personal and family relationships and their post-military workplaces.

For this reason, the Flyers Warriors taking care of their own through access to Array’s services is a very positive step. Hopefully, it becomes something that Warrior Hockey teams (especially ones affiliated with NHL organizations) can implement within their own programs.

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