Every Child Deserves a Bike: Patrick McClure

Our favorite days of the year: seeing how much joy the “Every Child Deserves a Bike” program brings to recipients and their families. It changes lives. On Aug. 15, 2022, the Alumni made our 14th adaptive bicycle gift. The recipient this time was 18-year-old Patrick McClure of West Chester, PA.
Before he was born, Patrick suffered a stroke while in utero. Throughout his life, Patrick has dealt with cerebral palsy that affects the use of his left hand and his ability to walk. He has undergone multiple surgeries to assist with his vision and mobility. The adaptive bicycle will greatly aid with his independent mobility. Patrick is a truly delightful young man; hard-working, optimistic by nature, and someone who eagerly embraces challenges.
“It’s always a pleasure to meet the ‘Every Child’ bike recipients and their families,” Flyers Alumni Association president Brad Marsh said. “Patrick is a very determined young person, and it was a privilege to get to meet him and his family. I know that he will get a lot of benefit from the adaptive bike. Honestly, the bike donation days are something I look forward to.”
The Flyers Alumni work in conjunction with Help Hope Live to identify recipients and families that will benefit the most from an adaptive bicycle. As always, it is the support of Flyers fans and Alumni Association sponsors who make the “Every Child Deserves a Bike” program possible.
To learn more about Patrick McClure and his story, click here. To donate to Every Child Deserves a Bike, click here.

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