Alumni Proud to Host “Buckets of Love” Co-Founding Sisters

As part of the Flyers Alumni’s annual “12 Days of Christmas” program, Flyers Alumni members are asked to suggest to the Board of Directors local charities and community organizations as potential donation recipients during the holiday season. Flyers Hall of Fame member Gary Dornhoefer suggested Buckets of Love as a candidate. On Day 10 of our 2023 edition of 12 Days, the Flyers Alumni made a $2,000 donation.

On January 8, 2024, the Flyers Alumni welcomed Buckets of Love co-founding sisters and co-CEOs Reagan and Payton Garnsey during the Ed Snider Legacy Day game against the Calgary Flames.

“Reagan and Payton are extremely impressive young ladies, and very dedicated to what they do with Buckets of Love. The success of their program is a testament to their hard work and the work of their staff and volunteers,” said Flyers Alumni Association president Brad Marsh.

Back in 2017, Delaware native Reagan met up with a friend of hers named Michelle. They discussed ideas on how to bring happiness to children in dire need of positivity and joy. Reagan and sister Payton then put the mission into action by creating Buckets of Love.

Buckets of Love spreads joy and happiness by filling buckets with age-appropriate toys, games and crafts for children ages 2 – 12 who are receiving major medical care, reside in homeless shelters or are otherwise facing a difficult situation.

Over the next three months, Reagan and Payton enlisted the help and support of family and friends and start doing the hard work necessary to become and charitable organization. The Buckets of Love Foundation then received approval from the State of Delaware as an official 501c3. Next came EIN numbers, websites, creation of a video, a letter writing campaign, finding buckets, washing the buckets and ultimately leading up to the creation of the first Bucket of Love donation.

The charity’s growth has been remarkable.  In 2023, Buckets of Love realized its goal of filling and donating more than 10,00 buckets. Donations are accepted year-round.

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