12 Days of Christmas, Day 5: Sunshine Foundation

On Day 5 of the Flyers Alumni Association’s 12 Days of Christmas campaign, the Alumni donated $4,000 to the Sunshine Foundation in sponsorship of 5-year-old Madilyn. Founded 45 years ago and headquartered in Southampton, PA, the Sunshine Foundation makes the dreams come true of children, ages three through 18, who have severe or profound physical/developmental/intellectual challenges or trauma from physical/sexual abuse, and whose families cannot fulfill their childrens’ requests due to financial hardships.

Working with hundreds of children across the United States at any given time, the Sunshine Foundation is dedicated to the needs of these children and their families along with fulfilling their fondest dreams.

Madilyn, who deals with cerebral palsy, cannot walk, but is an energetic and happy youngster. Her dream is to go to Disney World and meet the Disney princesses (especially her favorite. Cinderella). The Flyers Alumni’s donation will enable the Sunshine Foundation to make Madilyn’s dream come true.

“The Sunshine Foundation is an outstanding charity that brings a lot of happiness to the lives of children who may not have life-threating medical conditions but deal with severe and permanent challenges. We are honored to be able to do something on behalf of Madilyn as part of our 12 Days campaign. I know she’ll have an awesome time at Disney World,” said Brad Marsh, the president of the Flyers Alumni Association.

“The purpose of 12 Days is for the Alumni to support local charities and individuals and families in need. We admire the work that the Sunshine Foundation has done for 45 years,and will continue to do. We wanted to do a little something to assist their mission.”

To learn more about the Sunshine Foundation and how you help — not only during the holiday season but at any time of the year — please visit their website: https://sunshinefoundation.org


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